Not-For-Profit Boards: 
Hiring an Executive Director / CEO

In this video webinar, our Co-Founders James and Donna Baker participate in an engaging discussion on the unique hiring process for not-for-profit Executive Directors or CEOs. 


Our experts will break down and discuss:

‣  Board alignment
- The role, search committee and key decision makers

‣  Navigating COVID-19 and beyond
- Time kills all deals 

‣  Common Board pitfalls
- Commitment, timelines, marketing, and more

‣  Managing Diversity
- Creating unbiased and fair hiring practices

‣  Interviewing
- Current best practices and much more

James Baker

Chief Executive Officer, Keynote Group

James is an award winning entrepreneur and the Co-founder of Keynote Group. With over a decade of experience in the recruiting industry he began Keynote to fix a broken industry. 


Donna Baker

Managing Director, Keynote Group

Donna leads Keynote Group's executive search practice that combines leading edge technology, team dynamic analysis and headhunting with dedicated post-placement support. 

Donna has won numerous awards for her expertise including Businesswoman of the Year, and a Forty Under 40 recipient in 2018. 

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